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Ways To Help



As a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week operation, The Crisis Center can use your help in a variety of ways-either providing direct services to victims of domestic violence or sexual violence, or indirectly at our shelter, we have many opportunities for you to serve.  Some of these are:


            *24-hour crisis hotline

            *support advocate

            *court advocate

            *child care

            *fund raising

            *office support

            *speaker’s bureau



Whatever skills you may have, we encourage your participation and support at The Crisis Center.  All volunteers are provided with appropriate training prior to service.  For more information, please call (417) 561-5105.




You or your organization can request a presentation or training about domestic violence and sexual violence.  Education helps us work together to break the cycle of violence.  To request training, call Becky at (417) 561-5105.



We rely heavily on local support to maintain the consistency of services necessary to meet the growing needs of those in our community. 


In addition to cash donations, in-kind donations are also welcome.  These include: food, clothing, diapers, personal hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, office equipment, household appliances, furniture to name a few.


We value your support.  In appreciation for cash contributions, the Crisis Center offers a Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit


Meeting the domestic violence shelter tax credit criteria is simple:

*The tax credit cannot exceed the taxpayer’s state income tax liability for the year the credit is claimed

*The taxpayer cannot claim credits under this program in excess of $50,000 per taxable year

*The tax credit may be carried over for four years until the full credit is claimed

*The maximum amount of eligible tax credit issued may be the equivalent of 50% of the value of the qualifying contribution

*Contributions cannot be less than $100.00

*Total tax credits issued under this program may not exceed $2 million

*Tax credits will be issue in the order they are received

*The application for tax credit must be received within twelve (12) months of the donation date


For any questions regarding the domestic violence shelter tax credit program, please call Becky at (417) 561-5105.


All services offered by the Crisis Center are free.


You are not alone.  The Crisis Center is here for you and your children.  We offer safe, confidential assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


You can donate to our efforts here.

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