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The Women’s Crisis Center of Taney County, Inc. is now offering an exciting volunteer opportunity for local organizations.  We have recently purchased resort property and have acquired 18 cottages that we will be using as our emergency shelter.  The current need is for units 1-18 to be adopted and upgraded. 




Organizations are encouraged but are not limited to providing all or most of the following:


*provide bedding for cottage

*provide carpeting for cottage

*provide household items for cottage

*painting the inside of the cottage

*draperies and other decorative accessories

*furnishing the cottage


Other suggestions include providing yearly/monthly utilities for individual cottage and yearly maintenance for upkeep of the outside of the cottage.


Upon making a commitment to adopt-a-cottage, the “parent” organization will be given the freedom to name their cottage.  The Women’s Crisis Center will supply each adopted cottage with a nameplate designating that cottage as a project of the “parent” organization.  Although due diligence must be made towards our need for confidentiality at the Women’s Crisis Center, “parent” organizations will be given the freedom to randomly visit their cottages to ensure their upkeep and to determine any further additional needs.


The Women’s Crisis Center of Taney County is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on local contributions to maintain the consistency of services necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of women and children fleeing domestic violence.  Thank you for your consideration of our program.  Together, we can make a difference!


For more information regarding the Adopt-a-Cottage program provided by the Women’s Crisis Center, please contact Becky at (417) 561-5105.