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About Us

The Crisis Center is made up of members from throughout the Taney County area who share the conviction that violence; in particular, domestic violence can be prevented.  It is the mission of the Crisis Center of Taney County, Inc. to provide quality residential and non-residential services to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  The Crisis Center incorporated as a not-for-profit agency in August of 1990 for the purpose of providing safe shelter, support and advocacy for victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children.  Through local community support, a shelter house was purchased in late 1993 and was opened in 1994.  Due to the overwhelming increase in clientele from 1994 to 1996, the shelter house was converted to office space and, mid 1996; the Crisis Center began using motel placement as the chief means of sheltering victims of domestic abuse.  Due to the large need for service, the Crisis Center acquired property in 2001 and now has an actual shelter for victims of domestic and sexual violence.  The Crisis Center can shelter up 40 women and children at one time.


In addition to providing safe shelter placement, services provided by the Crisis Center are as follows: 24-hour crisis hotline; 24-hour shelter access; transitional housing; crisis intervention; case management; support groups; court advocacy; personal advocacy; information and referrals; victim education; peer counseling; community education; transportation including cab and bus fare; emergency financial assistance; prescription assistance; food, clothing and personal hygiene supplies.


Organizational Goals:


The Women’s Crisis Center seeks to educate the community about the dynamics of domestic violence and to ensure that all residents of Taney County, whether they be men, women, or children, have the freedom to live violence free lives.


The main “issues” that the Women’s Crisis Center seeks to address are:


*Administration: To recruit and maintain a diverse, committed board membership which is supported by a strong committee structure and staff services responsiblle for the organizational, programmatic, and financial functions of the Women’s Crisis Center.                                 

*Advocacy: To advocate for public and private policies that support domestic violence prevention.


*Networking: To promote working relationships among entities interested in domestic violence and the prevention of domestic violence.


*Program/Services: To help assure that domestic violence prevention programs and services are developed, implemented, and made available to citizens of Taney County.


*Public Awareness/Education: To create and maintain a public that is knowledgeable about and committed to the prevention of domestic violence.